To give your child a healthy start in life, it’s important to take care of his or her teeth and gums. Research show that children who have good oral care at home and regular dental visits are less likely to develop cavities and oral health problems in adulthood. The professionals at Spring Creek Dental are dedicated to helping parents keep their children’s teeth healthy and free of decay as they mature from infants to teenagers. We believe that the best way to care for your child’s teeth is through prevention. Parents are provided with professional care tips in nutrition and healthy eating habits, developmental milestones and home care for proper brushing and flossing techniques. Recommendations for professional fluoride treatments, dental sealants and athletic mouthguards are all made on an individual basis.

Our team strives to ensure that each and every one of your child’s visits to our office is a positive and enjoyable one. Please feel free to share with us anything that we can do to make your child more comfortable. Emergencies and Accidents happen…If your child experiences dental swelling, suffers trauma or has a bad toothache call our office immediately. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are white plastic coatings placed in the grooves of the biting surfaces of permanent back teeth to help protect them from decay. Sealant placement is painless procedure that should be done when the chewing surface of the tooth has erupted completely beyond the gum.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a colorless, odorless to sweet-smelling inorganic gas that is a safe and effective means of managing pain and anxiety in dentistry. Laughing gas is safe use for both adults and children and clears rapidly from the body so that patients do not require a driver to safely get home from their appointment. If you are anxious about your dental procedure please take care to share your concerns with us. Most patients find that nitrous oxide allows them to comfortably complete most dental procedures. Although there are very few contraindications for usage of nitrous oxide, please make us aware if your are pregnant, have been recently ill with a cold or congestion or have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.